Current Research Papers of ARJBM - Volume : 5 and Issue : 4

Issues of Concern in Human Resource Management: The Case of Fast-Food Stores in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija

Edilyn V. Lansangan

The fast-food industry has transformed the landscape of Filipinos’ diet and culture. Buying fast food has now become routine for most people, especially for middle-class earners. Because of the industry’s growth, there is more intense competition among companies for bigger market shares. To examine the various issues of concern in HRM that affect operational performance in fast-food stores and to suggest solutions to address these, interviews were conducted with store managers and/or owners of 15 fast-food stores, which have been operating for at least three years.

Results show that despite efforts implemented by the management, issues of concerns on retention, motivation, employee skills, compensation, and training still need to be addressed because these factors affect employees’ performance, hence, also affecting overall operational performance. It is recommended that fast-food stores provide better compensation packages because properly compensated employees work productively and efficiently, which would also minimize the employee turnover rate and reduce absenteeism and dissatisfaction among employees. Human resource planning should also be done to select the person with the right skills. Lastly, when it comes to capacity building, post-evaluation must be done to evaluate the outcomes of capacity building and to determine whether desired training goals have been achieved.

Media Advertisements and Consumer Purchase Decisions: A Study on FMCG Products

Rambabu Lavuri

Media advertising is the play a vital role in persuading, informing and reminding both potential and existing customer towards making purchase decisions of products and services. Media is one of the promoting channel to create awareness about companies’ products and service. It is also helps in creating top the mind awareness of a on a products and service and aims at facilitating product recall. The present research paper study focuses on the assessment of the impact of media ads on purchase decision of consumers with reference FMCG products, where in the scope of study was limited to Hyderabad city. A structure questionnaire was used to measure the impact of media advertisements and every age of the person was targeted in this research study for to get the purchase behaviour of consumer towards FMCG with selected products, with sample size 1067 respondents and tested via descriptive statistics, percentages, ANOVA, correlation and multiple regression analysis by using SPSS 20.0 Version. The result of the study showed that media strategies, diff. media vehicles, and media ads appeals have positive effect on consumer purchase decisions, while purchasing FMCG products, Correlations results showed that there is a strong correlation between media ads appeals and media strategy, occupation and media strategy, multiple regression results indicated that media ads, media vehicles and media strategy having significant impact on consumer purchase decisions.

Recognition and rating of happiness antecedents amongst social security personnel (Case study: Western Tehran Social Security General Office)

Nahid Heidari, Javad Faghihipour

This study is conducted by focusing on organizational happiness along with aim of recognition and rating of organizational happiness antecedents amongst Western Tehran Social Security General Office personnel. In regard of goal, current study is an applied developmental research and due to time of compilation is explorative and regarding data and information collection methods is a field study. Furthermore, assessment method in current study is a compounded one (quantitative – qualitative) and consisted of two main stages (benchmark method and survey method).

Summarization of library studies of organizational happiness antecedents lead to recognition of individual factors, family factors, occupational factors, managerial factors, welfare factors and organization factors. Results of Pearson’s correlation test indicated significant and positive correlations   amongst sextet factors of organizational happiness antecedents (existing situation).  Moreover, results of Friedman test in relation to rating of   organizational happiness antecedents under managers’ view indicates that regarding personal factors ; corrective approach to be implemented respectively for , 1) level of employees health, 2)level of interaction with colleagues, 3) level of interest in career and organization , 4) level of employees moral capital, 5) personality type of employees, 6) level of employees’ creativity, 7) level of employees’ attachment, 8) level of psychological capital of employees and 9) economical situation of employees and in regard of occupational factors; the corrective approach to be implemented respectively for, 1) level of employees’ job satisfaction, 2) employees’ occupational characteristics and regarding managerial factors ; corrective approach to be implemented respectively for, 1) level of manager’s support of employees, 2) level of employees’ confidence on manager in an additive style and plan effective steps to upgrade those.

Recognition and prioritization of related ethical codes to specified jobs of social security organization personnel (Case study: Western Tehran Social Security General Office)

Nahid Heidari, Javad Faghihipour

This study is conducted by focusing on professional ethics and social security issues along with aim of recognition and prioritization of ethical codes in relation to specified jobs of social security organization personnel’s. Major emphasis of researchers is concentrated on determining those ethical codes which are related to studied organization’s particular jobs.

In regard of goal, current study is an applied developmental research and   due to   time of compilation is explorative and regarding data and information collection methods is field study. Furthermore, assessment method in current study is considered to be of compounded and mixed type consisted of two methods of “grounded theory” (qualitative) and quantitative content analysis (quantitative). In this study, a questionnaire consisted of open- ended questions is used to collect data.  Statistical population included all managers of headquarter and branches of Western Tehran Social Security General Office. Then by using Cochran formula volume of sample is considered 115 persons.

After survey of organizational experts in social security organization, researchers determine five categories of specified jobs. Results of data analysis indicate feasibility of assigning 11 ethical codes for supportive carriers, 9 ethical codes for extra organizational carriers, 9 codes for related carriers to employer, 8 ethical codes for related carriers to insurance, and 9 ethical codes related to pensioners. Three ethical codes of knowledge of activities, interaction with clients and also patience and sobriety are considered as common ethical codes of all particular studied organization.

The Role of Simulation Games in Business Education: An Example of a Virtual Enterprise


In this study, the level of differentiation between learning outcomes and professional competencies in classes providing simulation-based training and the outcomes and professional competencies in the classes where other teaching approaches are applied, have been investigated. In the study, quasi-experimental research design and questionnaire technique with experimental-control group and post-test comparative among quantitative research methods were used. The study was conducted on 54 students in experimental group and 86 students in the control group. At the end of the semester, the "scale of learning outcomes and satisfaction" were applied to both groups and the assessments of these groups on their education and training processes were compared. In the study; learning outcomes and learning assessment perceptions in the dimensions of professional competence of the students who were provided with simulation training were found to be higher than those who did not receive simulation training.

A Study on the Effectiveness of Public Health Sector in Jammu and Kashmir, India

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad and Rizwana Khurshid

Public health sector plays a pivotal role in the maintenance and improvement of human health. The sector works at the forefront and maintains an ambit of health improvement by guarding against emerging health hazards, environmental hazards and diseases pertaining to the lifestyle. In most of the developing nations, where the basic necessity is to live, people tend to forget about the quality of services. There is a dire need to achieve better health status around the world because our health system is at the crossroads today. The lacunae on part of the quality of services in hospitals usually arises from the failure of the government to invest adequately in the basic health systems. Therefore, the government should take adequate measures for building health systems that are responsive to the needs of the community. Furthermore, it should try to ensure the availability, access, affordability and equity in the deliverance of health services to meet effectively & efficiently the needs of the mass community.

Comparison of Standard and Kaizen Costing Methods in Cost Management: A Case Study

Dr. Enver Bozdemir

The purpose of the study is to provide a tool for managerial decisions in the effective management, control and reduction of costs by comparing the standard costing and the kaizen costing systems in terms of strategic cost management. In accordance with this purpose, the failure cost elements of a business which is active in the automotive supplier industry was analyzed with the case study approach.

It is concluded that   standard costing method should be implemented at the control of the failure costs identified in the analysis conducted, it is necessary to implement the kaizen costing method to reduce the costs. For this reason, it would be more advantageous to apply the kaizen costing method for businesses to get cost leadership in a global competitive environment and to increase their profitability.