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Climate Change: Why Should I Care?

Ranjeeta Rajani
DOI Number :      Page number :1-10

Personal consumption is inseparably connected with the emission of greenhouse gases and thus contributes to climate change, which for many people is an issue that must be addressed. Hence, a possible response of individuals to climate change is to recognize the responsibility for their own contribution and to adjust their personal consumption. This paper analyses the level of awareness and efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change. First of all, a brief statement of the problem of climate change is given, and global inequalities in greenhouse gas emissions are described. Further, the role of changes in consumer behavior as an individual, voluntary response to climate change is considered, using an extended concept of responsibility. Findings of the research paper are divided in two categories: awareness and efforts where the awareness level and efforts of respondents are analyzed. Finally some of the suggestions to be followed at individual level are given.

Strategic Framework for Reverse Logistics in Pharmaceutical Industry

Shaurabh Singh, Saurabh Bharati and Moti Kumar
DOI Number :      Page number :11-28

Insert AbstractMedicines play an important role in order to cure, prevent and diagnose human disease and keep people healthy. However, causing some quality defects or loss of effectiveness of the medicines surge into market which not only badly put in danger the lives of the people, vibrate the strength of society, environment and cause the awful impact but also force to look the Reverse Logistics process, thus it is necessary to recollect the unused medicines. The report discuss about the 5R Optimum Model (Reduce, Recycle, Reinforce, Report and Regulate) of the Pharmaceutical Reverse Logistics activity. As per the actual conditions Pharmaceutical recovery in our country, the collection center is assigned in some of the major places. Under our proposed model the recovery network would be flexible with the help of ERP system. “We have done an online survey in which we found that only 10% people want to purchase medicines before 15 days of expiry, because of this low percentage there is a huge disposal of medicine, and we can reduce this disposal by optimum use of medicine through CSR”.

A Suggested Model in Knowledge Management

Farzaneh Bikzadeh Abbasi, Maryam Pouryazdanpanah and Mahdis Taghavi
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Inser Knowledge management is a relatively new topic in the management that shares many views of management including human resource management, organizational development, and information management and so on. Many searches have been done through magazines, books and via the Internet. Moreover, many models have been analyzed. In this paper, writers proposed a theoretical model. Due to little time for preparing to attend in the seminar, the model cannot be tested practically. The paper rendered to be criticized by scholars and to be expanded and improved by those who are interested in the topic. The first part of the paper considers the information chain and analyzes the relationship between data, information, knowledge and wisdom. Then it is sh wn that understanding of four basic elements of knowledge management including knowledge, management,information technology and organizational culture is how important in knowledge management. The applications of knowledge management and one model of it will be considered in the second part of the paper. And in the third part of the paper a model is presented based on the other studied models and based on the author's experience.

Investing in Mutual Fund: An Overview

Rashmi Sharma and N. K. Pandya
DOI Number :      Page number :44-57

InserIn this paper, structure of mutual fund, comparison between investments in mutual fund and other investment options and calculation of NAV etc. have been considered. In this paper, the impacts of various demographic factors on investors’ attitude towards mutual fund have been studied. For measuring various phenomena and analyzing the collected data effectively and efficiently for drawing sound conclusions, drawing pie charts has been used and for analyzing the various factors responsible for investment in mutual funds.t Abstract

Investment strategies used by Mutual Fund Investors

Rashmi Sharma
DOI Number :      Page number :58-71

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