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Volume : 1 | Issue : 2

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A Novel Method for Dynamic Sampling Plan and Inspection Policies for Quality Assurance

Anuja Sethiya, Ratika Srivastava, Tulika Srivastava, Dr. Vrijendra Singh
DOI Number :      Page number :1-20

Sampling process has always been a tedious and cost consuming task. To select the appropriate sample, sampling plan and sample size require an effective brainstorming. Since inspection of each and every product is not possible, companies are bound to select a
sample and appropriate sample plan, so as to minimize the cost of inspection while maintaining the quality to some extent. To get an effective and efficient sampling plan is the major problem of all type of manufacturing industries. For such problems, various sampling
plans and techniques have come into existence. In this research, a cost effective solution to such problems has been provided using novel ABCDE classification of products, so that different categories of product follow optimum plan of sampling. Further, modified Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) has been proposed which provides the result of defect tolerance limit for a particular category. Also, a Rule Based Decision Making Model has been proposed, which provides the appropriate sampling plan for quality testing of the product at the end of manufacturing. The sampling plan has been classified as Conservative Sampling Plan, Moderate Sampling Plan and Lenient Sampling Plan. This entire process will serve as a cost effective model for inspection and it will further help companies to increase their profitability while maintaining the high quality of the product.

An Analytical study of Opportunities and Challenges of Service Industry in India

Dr. Punita Soni
DOI Number :      Page number :21-27

Now days in developing countries like India the service industries are on the peak of their growth. One learned person can think life without fruits and vegetables for while but he cannot think the life without IT, Internet or Mobile phone. It proves that service industry plays a crucial role in individual life. Service industry is the fundamental, which provide base to develop the economy. Different indicators like shares in national and states’ GDP, FDI, Employment and export indicate the importance of service sector for the Indian economy. The services sector is a vital cog in the wheel of the Indian economy. The paper highlights the operational issues, opportunities and challenges of service industry in India. This paper also takes into consideration the importance of quality of services in service industry. Interview session is conducted with consumers of various services to collect primary information. Journals and internet is used as secondary sources of information. The paper is
bring to a close with conclusion that there is wide opportunities are available in service sector especially in FMCG, Entertainment and IT industry. But the industry will succeed only if it focus on quality of services provided to customers are adequate.