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Volume : 1 | Issue : 4

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Consumer Service Concept in Nigeria: Study of the Telecommunication Industry

DOI Number :      Page number :1-23

InsSubscribers to telecommunication services in Nigeria receive low value  ompared to the service charges. This is attributed to the inability of the principal players in the industry as service providers to adopt the concept of customer service in terms of timely and dependability in service rendition and convenience in service provision on good target market communication. This work thus evaluates for the challenges to the adoption of this concept in the industry in Nigeria based on the use of sets of questionnaire for different target audience using Likert ranking scale, Pearson correlation co-efficient, analysis of variance and hypotheses. Findings include that firms in the telecommunication industry in Nigeria are knowledgeable about the expectations of their internal and external markets, but do not desire to motivate the internal market for external market satisfaction, hence customer touch points are ignored. This work recommends the invigoration of intra industrial competition in this sector for increased number of principal players.ert Abstract

Customer Satisfaction of Foreign Exchange Services of Bangladeshi Banks – A Study on NCC Bank Bangladesh Limited and Basic Bank Bangladesh Limited

DOI Number :      Page number :24-42

Commercial banks form the largest and off course positioned itself amongst the country’s most important group of financial institutions. In response to the rising and stiffer competition among domestic and foreign banks, it is important for the commercial banks of Bangladesh to satisfy the customers through their services. The aim of this study was to investigate the level of service quality and customer satisfaction of foreign exchange services of commercial banks in Bangladesh from the perspective of bank customers. This particular study was conducted on the Branches situated in Khulna of NCC Bank Limited and Basic Bank Limited. A questionnaire based on literature and expert opinion used in this study among 200 customers of the two Banks. The results of the study indicates that the  verall service quality provided by the banks are not that much satisfactory because of high variation among the satisfaction levels. Responsiveness and empathy were rated as the most important dimensions followed by reliability, tangibility, assurance, and empathy. To keep pace with the competitive environment, and in response to the quality push and the aspiration of the country to become a globally competent economy, it is appropriate for the management of both the banks to seriously examine their corporate quality programs and customer service system.